Based in Munich, “vibrio. Managing Your Communication” is one of the leading owner-managed agencies for PR, social media marketing, and strategic communications management.

The PR agency represents customers from all industries with products and services that need to be explained

Michael Kausch, Head of the Agency

Dr. Michael Kausch is the founder and owner of vibrio

As social media- and PR agency, vibrio works with large internationals, as well as midsize and small innovative companies in both B2B and B2C. Our clients offer products and services that need to be explained; they come from technology fields such as IT, automotive/ecology, consumer electronics or textile and hygiene. In addition to producers and service providers, our client list also features associations and NGOs.


The PR agency is a member of the IT industry association BITKOM.

Our core competencies

vibrio offers a full portfolio of modern public relation services – from brand-, product-, technology-, online- and crisis PR to change communication, reputation management and social media marketing.

Our strategy: Storytelling and Relations Management

We do not consider online and social media marketing new ingredients for the marketing mix but integral parts of public relations. Storytelling, content marketing and relations management form the foundation of vibrio`s integrated communications management.

Storytelling is a strategy, not a tool, and we must start to think of it as a process. Good stories are not enough for a successful storytelling strategy. Instead, the corporate communications processes must be adjusted towards a storytelling approach.

Storytelling as a process

In a short video, I attempt to give a sketch of storytelling understood as a process. One issue that frequently comes up is monitoring: It is the most important cornerstone for defining promising storylines, continually developing content plans, supporting storytelling through influencers, and, of course, measuring success.

Find out more about vibrio, our philosophy, and our code of conduct here. Sorry, it is in German language. Of course, I’ll explain that live in English.

Online Monitoring and Social Media Monitoring combined in the vibrio I³ full-service package.

Online monitoring and social media monitoring are becoming more and more important as basic parts of modern communication efforts. Social channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ now have prominent roles in corporate communication strategies alongside classic media. This is why vibrio as a social media and PR agency offers a complete modern social media monitoring solution.

Social Media Monitoring

Professional monitoring solutions for online sources contain three core elements to the analysis: image monitoring, issue monitoring and influencer monitoring.


Learn more about vibrio I³ Monitoring here.


The best Crisis PR: preventive Reputation Management

Crisis PR is an important part of crisis management. It analyzes crisis potentials to prevent one from materializing; defines measures to avoid crises or minimize their effects; and defines communications processes and content before a crisis hits.


Reputation Management

Reputation management combines active image communications using, among other channels, the internet and social media, with an anticipatory crisis strategy and rapid crisis communication. It encompasses modern issues-, stakeholder- and band monitoring in the framework of a  strategy. It relies on long-term, personal contacts to traditional and new social media.

Reputation management is driven by issues. That is why a modern PR agency is the right partner for any form of reputation management.

Find up-to-date and immediately applicable relationship management tips and tricks in our newsletter, on our blog, or in one of our CEO`s talks.



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