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vibrio. Kommunikationsmanagement is one of the leading owner-managed agencies specializing in PR, social media marketing, content marketing and strategic communication management. vibrio is headquartered in Munich and maintains offices in Vienna and Zurich.

vibrio is a member of Bitkom, Germany’s digital association.

As a PR agency and social media agency, vibrio is providing services to international corporations, mid-size companies and small innovative companies with a focus on B2B and B2C. The agency’s clients hail from all walks of technology, providing complex products and services like IT, automotive/ecology, consumer electronics, textiles and hygiene. In addition to its manufacturing and services clients, vibrio also serves associations and NPOs.


Storytelling as a PR and marketing strategy involves much more than just sharing “stories”. In contrast to conventional PR, storytelling goes beyond quoting mere facts and figures, beyond publishing company news. Good storytelling will always hone in on themes that are relevant for target groups, on what’s hot on the markets, and will interpret general themes through its own brand of prism. That’s why storytelling won’t work without elements of emotionalizing or personalizing.

In the real word, storytelling is not the job of a single person. You won’t find storytelling listed in the spokesperson’s job profile. Storytelling is an element of corporate culture that grows in the right environment of business processes and is supported by the right tools. It requires cutting-edge theme monitoring and sustainable influencer marketing, based on the company’s mission statement and the elevator pitch method used by the company’s management and staff.

The whole world is one big story, and we’re in it.

Michael Ende

PR agency

We have provided PR services to businesses for more than 25 years – from small startups all the way to large corporations. vibrio has established close and trusting contacts with the traditional media, from the regional press and trade magazines to radio, television and online media. Our portfolio reflects our expertise: from brand PR, partner PR, technology PR and sales PR to image PR, financial PR, crisis PR and change communication.

PR Agentur München

Social media agency

Social media marketing is not a new offshoot in the marketing mix. Social media marketing is all about expanding corporate communications by including social networks.

That’s why you cannot just relegate social media marketing to a single social media marketing manager. On the contrary: social media marketing is a challenge for the entire marketing organization, if not for the entire company: you are suddenly faced with having to learn how to live in the categories and by the principles of social media.

It would be a fallacy to delegate social media marketing to some agency and be done with it. Our mission is to help and assist our clients on their path to becoming successful players in social media culture. Our job is to coach and support them. Our forté is the technical establishment of channels and media for our clients on the one hand, and the management of channel and media relations on the other.

As a social media agency, we develop and design corporate blogs, LinkedIn websites, XING groups, Facebook and Twitter channels and much more.

And most of all, we are a strategic partner in content marketing. Because social media communication is based on conversational publishing. All social media channels require editorial plans. That’s why we believe in creating editorial plans hand in hand with our clients.

We explore themes, edit content for target audiences, write copy and help our clients’ storytellers develop and enhance their social media marketing. We help our clients every step of the way – right up to lead generation and employee branding.

For more details on some of our corporate blogging and content marketing references, please view the corporate blogs post on our agency blog.

In social media marketing, our competence portfolio ranges from strategic consulting to the technical development of corporate blogs, websites and social media channels, from employee marketing, online monitoring, editing and video production to the design and rollout of fully-fledged social media campaigns on Facebook or social selling campaigns on LinkedIn.

The Agency for Inbound Marketing

We are a certified partner of HubSpot, the internationally renowned provider of inbound marketing. Inbound Marketing is the acquisition and retention of customers through convincing content that a company publishes. Today, it is the central element of marketing as it supports the sales-oriented tasks of PR and social media marketing. Contacts are gained by intelligent content attracting the attention of potential new customers, and smart marketing automatisms lead to the registration of leads and ultimately to satisfied customers. Inbound marketing is not so much a tool as a strategy that turns visitors into customers through interesting marketing.

We support companies reliably and competently in every phase of inbound marketing: starting with checking whether and to what extent HubSpot is even a possibility, advising on the strategic orientation and the technical setup. We support the ongoing inbound marketing process with sound campaign management and regular analyses to optimise content.

Inbound Marketing Methodik

That’s what our customers say about vibrio: High speed with own know-how an important advisor on strategy issues reliable, creative and constructive critical creative, reliable and extremely committed a feel for the right topics with commitment and passion

Dr. Maren Otte

CWS-boco is an expert in washroom hygiene solutions, dirt-trapping mats and textile services for companies of all sizes and in all industries. We have been working successfully with the agency vibrio for many years: Together we have developed an integrated communication strategy for both our international holding company and the German national subsidiary. In the beginning, the focus was on classic press work, but increasingly we have also come to know and appreciate vibrio as a reliable, creative and constructively critical partner in the planning and implementation of campaigns both for our core target groups and for the general public. It was also the agency that showed us the importance of integrating social media into a holistic corporate communication in the sense of PR 2.0.

Dr. Maren OtteCWS-boco, Dep. Head of Corporate Marketing & Communicationscws-boco.de
Ralf Koenzen

Our team of consultants at vibrio focuses on media that are interested in the political, social and societal aspects of information technology. Here vibrio has shown a feeling for the right topics. Thanks to the excellent response in the daily and business press, LANCOM Systems also became known to a non-technical audience within just a few months.

Ralf KoenzenFounder and CEO of LANCOM Systems GmbHlancom-systems.de
Adrianus Elschot

RESTEK has been an established German supplier of high-quality hi-fi equipment for many decades. We decided to work with vibrio because we needed a partner who would make us fit for the social media age. vibrio not only redesigned our entire online presence, but also catapulted us into the social media with commitment and passion.

Adrianus ElschotChairman of the board RESTEK AGrestek.de
Martin Aschoff

AGNITAS was founded in 1999. This makes us the pioneer of the industry in Germany and the e-mail marketing provider with the longest experience in this market. But our market and our technologies change rapidly. It is not easy to find an agency that can keep up with this pace. With vibrio, we have found a partner who has been keeping up with our high pace with its own know-how and great flexibility for many years. Today the agency supports us above all strategically in storytelling and in the concrete implementation in PR and social media marketing.

Martin AschoffFounder and CEO, Agnitas AGagnitas.de
Klaus Dittrich

Over the last 17 years, Messe Muenchen has repeatedly made use of the services of the vibrio agency, especially for strategic communication around our leading international technology trade fairs. We have benefited not only from the agency’s technological know-how, but also from the team’s excellent network and many years of trade fair experience. Last but not least, the agency’s team always shared with us a passion for innovation and communication.

Klaus DittrichChairman & CEO Messe München, Munich Trade Fairmesse-muenchen.de
Björn Bröhl

With vibrio we have found the ideal agency to accompany us on our way from classic PR to the age of content marketing and social media. Our team at vibrio is characterized by a high understanding of technology paired with text strength and broad strategic communication know-how. Together, we make sure that we reach our customers and interested parties with relevant content via the various marketing channels that focus on our blog. We have already achieved great successes that have also convinced our management. We continuously work together on the strategic further development of our storytelling and the optimization of tools. vibrio is not just a service provider for us, but part of our marketing team. This forms the basis for an efficient, goal-oriented and always trusting cooperation.

Björn BröhlHead of Marketing Communications & Sales, Trivadis AGhttps://www.trivadis.com/de
Georg Herrnleben

BSA | The Software Alliance is the global voice of the software industry and its hardware partners. In our public relations work, we can always rely on the competence, dedication and tact of the vibrio team. In addition, vibrio’s extensive experience makes it an important advisor and contact for us on strategy issues that go beyond day-to-day business.

Georg HerrnlebenBSA | The Software Alliance, Senior Director, Compliance Marketing EMEAbsa.org
Stephan Leschke

Ferrari electronic AG serves a wide range of industries with its unified communications solutions. Our customers include public authorities as well as the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, financial and insurance providers, but also large technology groups and medium-sized companies. The decisive factor for our media work is that each industry is addressed individually and precisely. In vibrio, we have found a reliable partner who always strikes the right note. For more than ten years, Dr. Kausch’s team has supported us with classic PR and content for paid media as well as with event management for our annual partner day, including comprehensive social media activities. We greatly appreciate the diverse competencies of the vibrio agency and feel that we are in good hands.

Stephan LeschkeChairman of the Board, Ferrari electronic AGhttps://www.ferrari-electronic.com/home.html

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