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vibrio. Kommunikationsmanagement is one of the leading owner-managed agencies for PR, Social Media Marketing, and Strategic Communications Management with branch offices in Munich (Germany), Zurich (Switzerland), and Vienna (Austria).

BITKOM LogoThe agency is working with international corporations (like CWS-boco) as well as with medium-sized (like Schreiner Group) and small innovative companies (like Ferrari electronic) in both B2B and B2C environments. Its clients come from different technology-related fields, offering products and services that need to be explained. They work in IT (e.g. LANCOM Systems), Traffic and mobility (e.g. GOVECS), or Textile and Hygiene (e.g. Haniel Group with its brand CWS-boco); additionally, vibrio has long been working with organizations (e.g. BSA I The Business Software Alliance) and NPOs (e.g. Bayern International) as well.

Every client can profit from the full range of modern public relations services – from Brand, Product, and Technology PR to Crisis and Change Communications; from Reputation Management to Online PR and Social Media Marketing.

Our Philosophy

Communication is our passion. All our clients have interesting stories to tell: exciting products, great visions, fascinating – and sometimes unusual – histories. But among the flood of information it is becoming harder and harder to be heard by customers, partners, or the media. We have made it our mission to bring together people and companies. We do not invent or gloss over anything. But we do give our clients, journalists, opinion leaders in Social Media, and everyone interested the opportunity to better understand each other and to write new interesting stories together. This is why our expertise reaches from consulting, writing, and design to branding, PR, and advertisements.

Public Relations in the Age of Social Media

The great thing about the Internet ist hat everyone can take part; the problem with the Internet is that everyone takes part. This is why the roles of media and journalists, PR, and advertising has changed dramatically. Communities have joined classic media, and more and more users and consumers are bringing in their own content on the same levels as journalists and media producers. In this situation, communication must be aimed at both multipliers and end users: with content tailored to the target groups, emotionally and rationally convincing. More than ever, a holistic approach to communications is needed.

With this in mind, vibrio develops communication strategies that look at the company as a whole and are tailored to precise goals and specific situations. We use all possible channels – print, broadcasting, the Internet, events, conversations – to represent our clients to their partners, clients, and the public in a consistent way. The strategy is called “Storytelling“.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct is the foundation of our daily work. Together with the Code de Lisbonne and the Code of Athens, it guides the relationships of vibrio employees with the media, our clients, and the public:

  • We only work for clients, the products and strategies of which we are prepared to defend at any time. Companies or persons that discriminate against other persons or companies for ethnic or religious reasons; that pursue un-democratic goals; or that recklessly harm the environment cannot be our clients.
  • We only work for clients, the products and strategies of whom we understand. This means we are focusing on the markets we are at home in.
  • We choose honesty and truthful content for our communication efforts. We do not spread untrue information.

The Pricing Model

Guaranteed fixed prices and maximum cost transparency

vibrio calculates its prices fully transparent to its clients all the time. All services are calculated based on a uniform price list, valid for all clients. Whenever possible, we offer campaigns at guaranteed fixed prices. In such a scenario, the agency calculates all costs – including third-party costs – for a project and provides a detailed calculation including the exact number of hours for all services to the client. vibrio then guarantees to realize these services at the fixed price without further calculations based on working hours. We have decided to establish this model because billed hours cannot be properly controlled by the client and always mean more administrative costs which, ultimately, are passed on to the client. We use our time to provide professional consulting, creation, and media contacts.

Fair and flexible flat rates instead of high project fees

vibrio usually works with its clients for more than four years.We focus on our core clients and, as opposed to classic network agencies – only rarely do project business. This is what we consider “sustainable communications”.

To achieve this, we offer our clients fixed monthly fees (Retainers) that include much more than usual in the field. Based on a medium-term PR campaign plan we integrate defined steps like editing press releases or case studies, organizing press tours or conferences, or clipping and analysis services into the retainer. The client is free to replace individual services, as calculated, with others. For example, it is possible to claim fewer editing services than originally planned and use the credit for other services instead. vibrio will provide status updates with the regular reporting, including a table of activities as defined in the retainer compared to completed activities.

All retainer fees as agreed on are due at the beginning of every billing month; separate activity fees will only be billed for the following month. The liquidity advantage gained from the retainer will be passed on to the client as volume-based discounts. In the end, both clients and the agency profit from concentrating the budget on the retainer.

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Brand PR, Product PR, Technology PR, Crisis PR, Distribution PR, Online PR (PR 2.0), Social Media Marketing (Marketing 2.0), Viral Marketing, Event Marketing, HR Marketing, Internal Communications

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